Spray Tanning Tips


It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read this and the FAQs (below) thoroughly before and/or after your spray tan!

IMPORTANT: Appointments are only 15 minutes long, so it is critical that you are on time or early for your appointment! NEW CLIENTS: Please arrive AT LEAST 5 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out your form and go over your solution/color options!



Preparation: Skin & Nail Care

It is better if you have nail polish on before your tan, even if it is just a clear coat. Your nails and toenails will be wiped down at the end of your spray tan, and it prevents your nails from staining. If you have acrylic nails or a gel manicure on before your spray tan appointment, the spray tan will NOT ruin your nails.

It is recommended that you have any facial or body waxing done prior to your spray tan. DO NOT get waxed after your spray tan and before your initial shower.

Threading and waxing of eyebrows and lips should be done prior to your tan. It is okay to have your eyebrows plucked the same day after your tan. Threading can be done after your initial shower.

Please exfoliate with a non-oil based, gritty scrub or exfoliant prior to your tan. You want to remove all dead skin so your tan looks as even as possible.

It is recommended that you limit the amount you shave after your spray tan, as shaving is a form of exfoliation. However, shaving after your initial shower is okay.

Eyelash extensions are okay to have on and do not effect your spray tan. However because of the way eyelash extensions are applied, it is recommended that they be applied before your spray tan appointment. They can be applied the same day, as long as it is before your spray tan! This is because of the gel pads/tape that is used in the application process.

Preparation: Lotions/Makeup

You CANNOT have any lotion, makeup, sunscreen or oil on your skin at the time of your appointment - even if it has been applied earlier in the day.

We have makeup wipes in the salon if you need to remove makeup prior to your appointment. The makeup wipes at our salon can also be used to remove any lotion you have on at the time of your appointment, however we recommend that for the best results you remove the lotion in the shower or do not apply any lotion on after you get out of the shower before your appointment.

Chapsticks, lip balms, glosses, lipsticks and mascaras are okay to have on during and after your tan.

It is okay to have deodorant on during your tan.

Spray Tanning: What to Expect

If it is raining or snowing the day of your appointment, it is recommended that you bring an umbrella and/or wear protective clothing - such as long pants, long-sleeved shirts and a sweatshirt.

If you take your bra off when you're getting sprayed, we do not recommend that you put it back on immediately after. If you need to put a bra on after your spray tan, we DO NOT RECOMMEND sports bras; however, we do recommend putting your bra on the loosest strap with the bra straps tucked in.

You will feel a little sticky and the spray tan does have a slight odor to it – this is normal. You will feel sticky until your first shower.

Try not to touch your skin to see if you are sticky. The solution does feel sticky while it is in the developing phase before your first shower and this is normal.

If you touch your skin and do not wash the insides of your hands, your palms may end up becoming stained because palms are not supposed to come in contact with the spray tan solution. If you do accidentally touch your skin wash the insides of your hands as directed by your spray tan specialist!

When needed, wash only the insides of your hands while the spray tan is developing. The most effective way to do this is with hand sanitizer or an antibacterial wipe. If you do not have these available, you can also use a paper towel or towel with soap. Your spray tan specialist will walk you through this process at the end of your appointment.

The bronzer may get on the inside of your clothes or on your sheets. It should not stain, however we cannot guarantee this. Dark colored clothing is recommended and wearing long sleeves and long pants to bed can prevent the bronzer from coming off on your sheets.

Immediate After Care

It is recommended that you do not shower for 6-8 hours if you use our original formula and 2-6 hours if you use our express formula. Showering before the 6-8/2-6 hour time frame may lighten up your color and impact the results of the spray tan.

No sweating, swimming, getting wet or exercising until your first shower after your spray tan. Doing so may cause streaks.

DO NOT wash your face before your first shower. This also goes for not washing any makeup off your face before you go to bed. Sleep with your makeup on!

Putting makeup on after your spray tan is okay, however you CANNOT wash your face until your initial shower.

There is a bronzer in the solution, which means that you will have some color immediately after you are sprayed. The color will continue to darken as the solution develops. Your color will lighten after you shower off the bronzer. You will see color coming off in your first shower. This is normal. Your spray tan is not washing off, it is just bronzer.

Shower before working out or sweating. Working out with the bronzer on may cause your tan to streak. We recommend rinsing the bronzer off, then working out and then taking a full shower - just so you do not have to take two full showers back-to-back.

Go easy around water the day you get sprayed – this includes everything from doing dishes to brushing your teeth. While you can still do these things, it is recommended that you use caution when you are near water to ensure you do not mess up your spray tan.

We do NOT RECOMMEND wearing vinyl/rubber gloves to do housework the day you are sprayed. We recommend waiting until after your first shower to wear those types of gloves.

If you have small children, it is recommended that you bathe them prior to your spray tan or have someone else bathe them that day.

If you are wearing your spray tan to bed, we recommend wearing long sleeves and long pants or covering your hands with socks while you sleep. This will prevent the spray tan from transferring to your hands while you're sleeping and making them extra dark! This step is extremely important.

If you are coming later in the day/night and you can put on the clothes that you are wearing to bed, this is useful!

If you take your bra off when you get sprayed, we recommend leaving it off for as long as you can after your spray tan. Sports bras are NOT recommended to wear after your tan. If you have to put a bra on, we recommend wearing a strapless bra or tucking the bra straps in.

Long Term After Care

Pat dry after your shower. Vigorous rubbing will exfoliate your skin and your tan will not last as long.

DO NOT exfoliate with loofahs, body scrubs, body washes or soaps with exfoliating beads until your tan starts to fade away.

DO NOT use scented body washes - such as Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works. Non-scented/fragrance-free body washes and soaps are RECOMMENDED. SCENTED BODY WASHES AND SOAPS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. Aveeno lotions are also NOT RECOMMENDED!

Limit the shaving of your legs, as this is also a form of exfoliating. You can still shave your legs, however we do not recommend doing it daily. We DO NOT RECOMMEND using hair removal creams, such as Nair. This will remove your spray tan!

The tan is not going to just disappear, you are going to notice it fading. You can start exfoliating when you notice it is starting to fade and/or in preparation for your next tan.

Face washes containing salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide are NOT RECOMMENDED because they can eat away at your spray tan. Your face will fade faster as you wash it more frequently. We recommend using gentle cleansers - exfoliating face washes and Clarisonics are NOT RECOMMENDED!

Acne spot treatments are also NOT RECOMMENDED during the week your spray tan is on.

Moisturizing helps extend the life of your tan and it helps your tan to fade more evenly. We recommend using a hydrating, non-scented/fragrance-free lotion! SCENTED LOTIONS - I.E. VICTORIA'S SECRET AND BATH & BODY WORKS - ARE NOT RECOMMENDED! Aveeno lotions are also NOT RECOMMENDED! Cocoa butter lotion is okay to use, even though it does have a scent.

Spray tans typically last 4-8 days, however they can last longer or shorter than this. The more you moisturize, the longer the tan can last. You can use any moisturizer, but moisturizers containing self-tanners are not recommended because they can have adverse effects. Any hydrating, non-scented/fragrance-free and alcohol-free moisturizer is recommend!

It is recommended to moisturize at least once a day, however twice a day is encouraged. You can start moisturizing after your first shower. NON-SCENTED/FRAGRANCE-FREE moisturizer is RECOMMENDED!

Always wear sunscreen when out in the sun. We also recommend mixing non-scented moisturizer with your sunscreen and putting both on at the same time each time you would normally apply your sunscreen - especially after prolonged exposure to the sun, being in the ocean or being in the pool. This will help extend the life of your spray tan.

Wait at least one day before going in the ocean or a pool after your tan. Chlorine may make your tan fade faster, however it is not going to remove the tan immediately.


Will the spray tan turn orange?
No! Never! We have a NO ORANGE GUARANTEE! The only way a spray tan turns orange is if the spray tan professional is not highly trained in matching your skin color to the solution color, BUT WE ARE!

How long does the appointment last?
Typically the appointment lasts 15-30 minutes.

What do I wear when I'm getting sprayed?
Whatever you're comfortable in! Some clients wear a bathing suit, underwear, just bottoms and some even wear nothing! It's completely up to you, every client is different.

Does a machine do it?
No, all spray tans are done by hand by a highly trained and experienced professional who specializes in spray tanning!

Will it stain?
The solution typically doesn't stain or rub off on clothing, but in the chance that it does or if you wear a bathing suit/underwear while you're getting sprayed, the sooner you wash your clothing, the less likely it will get stained.

How old do I have to be to get spray tanned?
There is no age limit, but if you are under the age of 16, you need your parent or guardian to sign a consent form.

What do I do before/after my spray tan?
Before your appointment, exfoliate as much as you can (if possible) and shave. Make sure you have no lotion/moisturizer/cream, sunscreen or makeup on. After your appointment - depending on the solution you select - engage in no activities that make you sweat for 2-12 hours. See our Spray Tanning Tips (above) for more information.

How long does the spray tan last?
It lasts anywhere from 4-8 days, depending on your skin - every person is different. The more you moisturize, the longer it lasts. When your skins dries out, it sheds layers & the first layer that sheds is going to be the spray tanned one, so the more hydrated your skin is, the longer your tan lasts!

Why get a spray tan from Glistening Goddesses?
Unlike some places, we SPECIALIZE in spray tanning. We don't just hire anyone to come in and pour solution in a gun. We have spray tan SPECIALISTS, who are highly trained and extremely experienced in spray tanning. There are a lot of factors that go into a spray tan, and we take each and every one of them seriously to perfect your spray tan so you leave here a GLISTENING GODDESS!


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